Simon Cowell wants X Factor USA to Take Down American Idol in the Ratings

 Simon cowell X Factor USASimon Cowell has said that he hopes The X Factor USA will be successful enough to overtake American Idol.

The music mogul discussed the show’s potential for success in a new interview on Piers Morgan Tonight.

“It’s impossible to predict. Of course I do want to take Idol down. You don’t do anything for the silver or bronze medal, do you? I put my heart and soul into this show and I believe in this show,” Cowell explained.

“I like the fact that there is isn’t an age limit. You get to see a different type of contestant. So, knowing what I know now, you know what? Even if it didn’t work, I still would have no regrets because you’ve got to take risks and bad things happen.”

Asked if he feels strange about American Idol since leaving the programme, Cowell responded: “Yeah, I mean, right from the get go when I saw the trailers and it was saying, ‘Every voice deserved to be heard’ – dig. ‘A warmer, kinder person’ – dig. I thought, okay, you really don’t want me on the show.”

On the issue of Cheryl Cole’s departure from the show, Cowell said  that he takes “full responsibility” for the decision to replace Cole with Scherzinger on the judges panel.