Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Harry Judd Profile and Dance Partner

Self-taught drummer Harry Judd shot to fame when his band McFly took the charts by storm with their first single 5 Colours In Her Hair. The track, as well as their debut album, went straight to number one.

Profile Of Harry Judd

Age : 25.
Hometown : Chelmsford, Essex.
Occupation: Durmmer .
Dance Partner : Aliona Vilani.
Interesting Fact : He loves cricket and almost played for England, but chose to focus on his drumming skills instead.

In the early days of McFly’s fame, Harry was often one of the quieter members of the band, generally not talking much in interviews. Nowadays, he is one of the main speakers in the band and he is not afraid to share his own opinions.
In January 2005, McFly guest-starred in an episode of the long-running British drama series Casualty and in 2007 McFly starred in BBC television series Doctor Who, with a short cameo role.