Popstar to Operstar Results: Jocelyn Brown Voted Off

Jocelyn Brown Last night Jocelyn Brown became the second celebrity to leave Popstar To Operastar. The soul singer competed against Joe Washbourn in the bottom two, after Claire Richards and Andy Bell survived the public vote.

Vanessa-Mae voted to save Joe, saying: “Because one of them is a legend I expect so much more of that person.”

Katherine Jenkins voted to save Joe too, while Simon Callow voted to save Jocelyn, saying: “Beauty and flamboyance of the performance and the personal connection”.

Rolando Villazón was head judge this week and so had the deciding vote, opting to save Joe as he had given the better performance.

Speaking to presenter Myleene Klass after he exit, Jocelyn said: “I feel that I’ve gone on a nice journey and I’m really comfortable with knowing that nobody is going to learn anything that fast.”