The Apprentice 2011 Results: Lord Sugar Fired Edna Agbarha This Week

Edna AgbarhaEdna Agbarha has become the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2011. The 36-year-old business Psychologist was given the axe by Lord Sugar after he decided that it was either Edna or project manager Zoe Beresford that would be leaving tonight.

In the task the two teams were set the challenge of making money from waste, both groups were supplied with their own truck and clearing equipment, as well as two clearing contracts to try and win.

Lord Sugar reshuffled the teams for the task, with Zoe taking charge of team Venture whose members were Susan, Leon, Glenn and Edna while Helen Milligan took charge of team Logic with Tom, Melody, Natasha and Jim.

The task gets underway as the two teams pitching for two jobs at building sites. At the first, Logic quoted nothing for clearing the rubbish from a refitted bar, undercutting Venture’s £150 quote. The strategy was a risk however, with time and money wasted dumping the general waste in the hope of making a profit from the metal.

At the second pitch and once again Logic quoted nothing to take away the trash, whilst Zoe, Susan and Edna on Venture were confused about exactly what the task involved. Project Manager Zoe wanted to quote £100 to clear the waste, while a Susan thought they were offering money to buy the trash off of the builder.

In the boardroom there was only £6 separating the two teams. Logic brought back a profit of £712 from £1,090 revenue while Venture returned with £706 from £1,045.

For the winners it was a day of pampering in the UK’s only thermal spa but for the losers it was back to the boardroom, to fight for survival. After lots of backstabbing, Lord Sugar total Susan he would give her another chance which meant that either Edna or Zoe would be leaving.

After being criticised by her fellow team mates for “jumping on the back” of other people’s good ideas, Lord Sugar told Edna: “You’re someone who wants to take the credit for a lot of things but you just don’t stack up. I just don’t think me and you are going to gel in business, I wish you well but Edna, you’re fired.”

Speaking after her exit, Edna said: “I have three degrees and I also have successful businesses so I’m sure I’ll be successful whatever I do.”