The X Factor USA: Cheryl Cole Left Stunned by Sacking

Cheryl coleCheryl Cole has reportedly been left “shocked and stunned” by her exit from The X Factor USA.

The Girls Aloud star has been let go by Fox executives over fears that her accent would not be understood by the American audience, according to reports.
“She is completely shocked and stunned. She never saw this coming at all,” a friend told The Sun. “The fact that Simon Cowell didn’t tell her in person hurt. She never thought he would do that to her.”

Insiders have claimed that Cheryl Cole had no idea she was about to be axed from the American X Factor series.

Simon Cowell is said to have been the one who told Cheryl the news, but those close to the star claim he didn’t have the decency to meet her face to face to break it to her.

However sources close to Simon Cowell have denied the claim. They say Simon invited the former Girls Aloud singer to his house a few days ago to inform her of her fate.

A source said: “Cheryl can hardly say this was a total shock. She actually knew about it three days ago.

“Simon told her in person at his house that it wasn’t working and that he was under so much pressure to release her.

“She knows she has been nervous in her performances and TV execs were privately concerned.”