The Apprentice 2011: Lord Sugar Fires Felicity Jackson in Episode Four

felicity jackson

Felicity Jackson has become the latest candidate to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar in the boardroom from The Apprentice 2011.

The London based creative arts entrepreneur became the fourth candidate to be axed after leading her team to a loss in tonight’s beauty task.

Felicity took charge of a slightly reshuffled Team Logic, made up of her, Natasha, Ellie, Melody, Jim, Vincent and Tom. The Project Manager for Team Venture was Zoe,  her team was made up of Susan, Edna, Helen, Glenn and Leon.
This week’s task was all about selling beauty products and treatments, but before the teams were allowed to start getting customers they had to pitch for some of the pampering options available. Venture managed to win the pitch for tanning, leaving Logic with massages.

Once the products were decided on,  it was off to Birmingham’s Bullring and London’s Westfield shopping centre to make as much profit as possible. The two teams employed different tactics when selling, with Felicity focusing her teams’ efforts on pushing the retail products as opposed to the treatments.

In the boardroom it was revealed that team Logic made a loss of £246.28 to Venture’s £203.01 profit.

Felicity then brought Ellie and Natasha back into the boardroom to face the music from Lord Sugar, but it was curtains for her: “Felicity,” Lord Sugar began, “This was a disastrous task and a lot of decisions weren’t really made here. For that result, you’re fired.”