UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Danielle, Lee Crowley, Shane and Rithiely voted off

Danielle Cato, Lee Crowley, Shane Collard and Rithiely PereiraIn the first double elimination this season, Danielle Cato, Lee Crowley, Shane Collard and Rithiely Pereira become the latest dancers to be eliminated from  So You Think You Can Dance.

The four were axed by the judging panel in tonight’s live show having polled the lowest votes amongst the lowest placed dancers after the public vote. These contestants found themselves in the bottom six alongside Luke and Katie in tonight’s show.

After deliberating with the other judges, Nigel Lythgoe returned his verdict on the finalists.
“Rithiely,” Nigel began, “You brought a lot of energy to your solo, the problem is you’ve been in the bottom group three times now. We’ve got to start listening to the public and so you’ll be the first leaving us this week.”

“Danielle, you have got terrific technique but we’re searching to feel your passion. Somehow it doesn’t always come out and you don’t connect with the judges. That’s difficult because you have such wonderful technique.”

Turning to Katie, Nigel continued: “We’ve said it tonight and we believe that you have been held back by your partner. At the same time I don’t feel your solo was outstanding. You need to bring an awful lot more than that.”

Nigel however revealed that Danielle would be the second girl leaving the show. Speaking to Cat Deeley after her exit, Rithiely said: “I loved the experience and I had such a wonderful time.”

Meanwhile Danielle said “I’m gonna miss Luke so much, I was gutted we didn’t get to dance together more.”

As for the boys, Nigel started with Shane, telling him: “Rather like Rithiely, you’ve been in the bottom for three weeks and we can’t seem to get you out of this position, so I’m afraid you’ll be the first guy that leaves us.”

“Lee, we saw what you were all about with your solo but it isn;t translating into the routines.”

Finally, Nigel told Luke: “You were the only guy who danced for his life this evening. In fact you were the only dancer on that stage this evening. You’ll be stayng with us this week.”

Speaking after their exits, Shane said: “I think Luke did an amazing job tonight. It’s been such a great experience. Thanks to judges and thanks to the audience at home.”

Luke added: “I just loved the whole experience, it’s just an unbelievable experience. I’ve learnt so much from working with all the choreographers so thanks to everyone.”