UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Charlie Wheeller and Alice Woodhouse voted Off

Charlie Wheeller Alice Woodhouse and Charlie Wheeller have become the latest hopefuls to exit the BBC So You Think You Can Dance competition.

The young contestants ended up in the danger zone against last week’s surviving partnership of Rithy Pereira and Shane Collard after failing to impress viewers with their hip-hop routine.

After the individual dance off, head judge Nigel Lythgoe revealed who he, Arlene Phillips, Louise Redknapp and Sisco Gomez had decided to send home.

“It’s a tough one tonight, we’re not sure that all of you should be in this bottom group,” he stated, before turning to Woodhouse.

“You don’t seem to be making a mark,” he told her. “When we’ve discussed what you’ve done, there wasn’t anything really that stood out for us.” After then describing Pereira as “terrific”, he confirmed to Woodhouse that she would be leaving the show tonight.

Alice WoodhouseSpeaking to host Cat Deeley after the result, Woodhouse said of Pereira: “I believe that she’s going to win and she’s taking me to LA so it’s fine… I just want to say thank you so much.”

Nigel Lythgoe then addressed the boys and claimed that although they were both flawed, he could make the perfect dancer out of Wheeller’s personality and Collard’s technical brilliance.

Discussing Wheeller, Nigel added: “You have got this incredible personality, you’re just a charming little scamp… [but] we don’t feel you’re growing fast enough. ”

You’re unique… [but] Shane has got more technique than you have, and it’s a really tough ask to say to you, ‘Grow as quickly as we want you to grow’. But we have given you the opportunity on this because we think you’re very, very special.”

Nigel then concluded that in order to maintain “the integrity of the programme”, the judges had to keep the better dancer, Collard, in the competition. His fate decided, Wheeller said: “I’ve learnt so much from all these people, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do my stupid stuff on TV.”