Charlie Wheeler Wowed on So You Think You can Dance Second Additions

Charlie Wheeler

18 year old Charlie Wheeler from Southampton wowed the judges on So You Think You Can Dance with his unique blend of contortion and breakdance moves.

Charlie was first to perform on the night and before he took to the stage the flexible lad from Southampton gave Cat Deeley an example of some of his moves before going before the judges.

Charlie’s audition piece was phenomenal; at times you want to look away – thinking he his about to injure himself – but at the same time you could not take your eyes off him. The judges were simply in awe of his talent. He secured a golden ticket handed to him by  Nigel Lythgoe, putting him straight through to the dance boot camp.

Charlie Wheeler

This is what the judges had to say about Charlie:

Nigel Lythgoe: You are so unique, young man. I mean it’s ridiculous what you’re doing. It’s exciting to watch. It’s taken your breath away, hasn’t it?

Arlene Phillips: It has. Right now I think what you do is kind of special. And seeing somebody who looks like a little bouncing bright bubbly kid do it, it adds like the cherry and the cream on the top of the cake.

Louise Redknapp: It was extremely intriguing. There were parts where I couldn’t watch you and parts where I didn’t want to take my eyes off you. And actually, now and again you did a little dance move that actually worked.

Sisco Gomez: I think it was clear to me that you needed to go back to some classes. Your forte is definitely the contortion and the tricks. But saying that, I think that’s why you’ve come here. If you carry on the way you are mate, you’re gonna be a legend in the circus world, definitely. You are unique, you have a unique character, you bring a personality to your solo. I’m excited about you.
Charlie Wheeler