Cheryl Cole Set To Return To The X Factor In 2011

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole has reportedly been offered a new deal to return to the The X Factor.

Simon Cowell is thought to have offered Cole a substantial payrise, to make up for the fact that she has lost out on a role in his new American X Factor series.

A source told The Mirror:

“Cheryl is thrilled about the new deal. She thought her days on the UK X Factor were behind her but the money is too good to refuse. This is Simon’s way of making it up to Cheryl for not landing her the US X Factor gig.”

“She was convinced Simon had pulled all the strings to get her on the judging panel but it’s been a disaster. Now Cheryl will make twice the money she was on last year.”

The insider added: “Simon has told her he’s going to look after her and he has a lot of surprises in store for this year’s show. He’s going to shake things up dramatically and make some big changes. He wants the new format to be much edgier and Cheryl will play a major role in that.

“She’s going to be returning with a bang and with Simon no longer appearing on the show he’s banking on Cheryl to stir things up.”