JLS New Single: The Club Is Alive


X Factor stars JLS are due to release their latest single ‘The Club Is Alive’  on the 4th of July and sources have revealed that it more than borrows from the song ‘The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music.

The band later took to their Twitter page to announce the new track, tweeting:

“New single confirmed as ‘The Club Is Alive’ – out July 4th – eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! xx.”

And sources say that one of the lines from the catchy chorus is:

“This club is alive with the sound of music.”

A source told The Sun:

“The lads were initially quite sceptical about the idea when their management presented them with it.

“But they’ve worked hard on the song and are really proud of it.

“They know it will surprise a lot of people, but they think it’s a risk well worth taking.”

The source added: “JLS have taken one of the most well-known pieces of music of the last century and stamped their mark on it.

“It’s quite a radical reinterpretation, but it really works. The verses don’t stick too closely to the original, but the chorus certainly owes it a debt.”