Got To Dance Series 2 Auditions Fifth Episode Week 3


The search continued this week for the nation’s best dance act as Davina McCall and the Judges, Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt travel to Dublin, Glasgow and London looking for an act who could win the £250,000 prize fund.

In this episode we saw a lot of street dance styles most of which were very good. We also saw a lot of  young children showing their talents that for us demonstrates that not having an age limit for this show is the right decision by Sky TV.

These are the acts that caught our eye in this episode:

23-year-old Chris Childs from Essex who goes by the name of ‘Crazy Popper’ impressed the Got To Dance judges with his blend of crazy street dance moves.

At his audition Chris said: “I started dancing when I was 18 and it went from there, when people see me dance, it gets their attention” …more.


Shockerella, an all girl street dance crew from Manchester aged between 10 and 14 impressed the Got To Dance Judges at their audition.

The girls claim they are “like sisters” even though they have only been together for just 9 months. However, they delivered a performance to rival any of the boys dance crews we have seen so far on the show …more.


Masters Of Dance entertained on Sunday with an array of street dance move that left the judges very impressed.

These ‘B-boys’ from Swindon, Tatum who is 31, Ross 29, and Ethan their mini secret weapon at just 6 years old – has been dancing since the age of 5 – delivered a strong performance on the night …more.


Likable lads Chris and Wes from London impressed with their hip hop street dance move at their Got To Dance audition.

20 year old Chris hoped that his high-top hair style would catch the eye of the Judges and in particular would like to impress Kimberly Wyatt – “I’m looking to catch the eye of Kimberly – she’s good looking but I’m not here to impress her for that, I’m here to impress her for the dancing” …more.


Other acts that made the judges short list in this episode included:


6 year old Bilzy is a  street dancer who said  if he won he would buy a new bike and buy his dad a Bentley. He secured 3 gold stars with his impressive dance moves.



8 year old Tap Dancer Ellie also made the judges shortlist with 3 gold stars. Elle said she likes Adam because he his a tap dancer and she wanted to see what he thought of her tap dancing.

After her performance Adam said to Ellie: “you had amazing stage presence and performance. I could not want for anything more.”


10 year old Kelan was awared 3 gold stars for his impressive breakdance, hip hop with electric buggy routine.
Ashley Banjo told him: “some people have it and some people don’t and you really have it. You moved so cleanly, well done.”


Here Comes The Girls from Maidstone, are a ladies formation dance team  aged 23-65. They started up when they couldn’t find enough men to take part in dancing. Tia Maria  from the group had her eye on one man however – judge Ashely Banjo. She said: “I want to impress and marry Ashley. That would be the icing on the cake to speak to Ash, as he likes to be known, oh sorry…”

After a routine to Big Spender, Tia Maria tries to flirt her way onto the shortlist, and it worked. Ashley changed his red star to gold when Tia asked him to marry her. He then requested the other judges to do like wise and Adam complied. The girls went through with 2 gold stars.


Dance 21 is a cheerleading dance group from Essex. They are a dance group for children with Down ’s syndrome and their siblings. The group was formed 10 years ago and are currently 28 strong age ranging from  5-21 year olds. 

The group performed to “Hey Mickey. “ and were given positive feedback from all the Judges. Kimberly Wyatt became quite emotional about their performance, she said: “sometimes dance is all about celebrating and you just really made me happy with that.” Dance 21 secured all 3 gold stars on the night.