Cheryl Cole Comments on One Direction Harry Styles Naughty Video

Harry Styles

Cheryl Cole had a good laugh at Harry Styles naughty comments that he made on the X Factor finals last week.

The 16 year old One Direction singer embarrassed himself on national TV, when just after the result was announced on the final show, he turned to the winner of the show Matt Cardle and whispered:

“Think of how much pussy you’re going to get.”

Commenting on the incident during an interview on This Morning, Matt confirmed the comments and said:

“He’s a cheeky boy, he’s young. He was being cheeky.”

Speaking about it on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man last night, Cheryl Cole laughed:

I heard, I haven’t seen it but I heard. I heard it’s big on Youtube so I’ll have to have a look. That’s so naughty but it will teach him a big lesson for the future.

See Harry making the comments in the video below:

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  1. like matt said. he’s young and cheeky. i found it funny. he was having a little joke 2 lift his spirits. anyone would after wot they went through that night.

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