The X Factor 2010 Results: Public Voting Percentages


ITV revealed that The X Factor 2010 winner Matt Cardle topped the voting every single week since the second show.

The 27-year-old received the most votes in every single performance show besides the first one – where Mary Bryne came out on top.

Matt then went on to top the vote from Week 2 until the final night, while Mary Byrne topped the vote in Week 1 and came second in weeks 2 and 3.

In Week 4, Cher appeared in second place in the voting but was overtaken back by Rebecca in the following weeks.The only week Rebecca was not second from Week 5 was in Week 7 when Katie Waissel’s performance of ‘Help’ boosted her support.

This year saw a number of controversial eliminations, and the percentages reveal some interesting results:

Firstly in Week 1, the judges sent home FYD despite Katie Waissel achieving fewer votes. Similarly in Week 2, Diva Fever were sent home over Belle Amie who had polled fewer voters.

In Week 3 John Adeleye received more votes than Treyc Cohen but was still sent packing, and in Week 5 Treyc was sent home despite achieving more votes than Katie Waissel.

In Week 7, Cher Lloyd was saved despite having fewer votes than Paije, however in Week 8 the judges correctly sent home Wagner who didn’t have as much support as Mary.

In Week 9, Mary had more votes than Cher when the 50-year-old was sent home by the judges.

And interestingly Wagner did not do as well as some predicted. He never appeared in the top 3  at any stage of the voting. His highest placement was  ironically, the week he went out where he came in sixth place.

And finally, despite their popularity, One Direction did not figure in the top two places at any stage but they polled third place most weeks which is were they finished in the competition overall.

A total of 15,448,009 votes were cast this series.