JLS and Rihanna to Record Together

JLSRihanna is planning to team up with  boyband sensation JLS  to record  a track which will be masterminded by hip-hop guru Jay-Z.

Rihanna said: “Working with JLS is something that will happen this year. Jay will make stars out of them. He has been a great mentor to me. He has been around long enough to spot real talent and he knows who will become worldwide stars.

rihanna “They can sing, they can dance, they look good, actually they look very good. But more importantly, they look like a group. It doesn’t look like they’ve been put together. It looks like they are meant to be together.”

She added to The Sun: “I will be working with them on one of their singles and am sure Kanye and Beyonce will collaborate with them on tracks as well.

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