The X Factor: Simon Cowell Confirmed Different Winners Single Recorded For Each Act

Simon ad One Direction

Simon Cowell has confirmed reports that all of the X Factor finalists have recorded a  different winner’s single.

In previous years, the acts have recorded different versions of the same song but only the act that wins the show get their version released.

However, Cowell confirmed at today’s press conference that each finalist has been given a song which is geared to them.

Cowell also revealed that he believes the race for Christmas number one has become more “exciting” since Rage Against The Machine took the top spot last year. He confessed that last year the competition for the top spot was a bit of a wake up call but he eventually welcomed it. 

This year’s internet campaign is said to be a recording of 4.5 minutes of silence, Simon said he wish them luck but wondered how many radio stations would be playing it.