The X Factor: Wagner Lands Million Pound Book Deal


Wagner Carillho is said to be in the process of negotiating a £1 million book deal has a bidding war erupts among publishers for his story of The X Factor.

The Daily Star claim that book bosses are hoping Wagner will spill all on what has happened backstage on this year’s show, including the arguments, romance and manipulation.

A source at one publisher said: “There is a lot of interest in exactly what Wagner would say. Especially as he’s been effectively gagged from talking about the show this week.

“What does he know that’s making people so nervous? He lived and breathed that show for months. He’s bound to know a lot about the other contestants.

“And he spent a lot of time with people like Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, so who knows what else he could reveal?”

Publishing expert Danuta Kean from Brunel University revealed to the newspaper: “Publishers will throw money at this. But it all depends on what Wagner can say.

“The recent Stig book and court case has changed the playing field. Publishers now feel emboldened that they can take on these confidentiality agreement contracts people are forced to sign so they can’t speak out.

“If he can really reveal new things, and the publisher’s legal team thinks it can be dealt with, it could go for big money. We’re talking seven figures potentially.”