The X Factor 2010: Wagner Booted Out Of The X Factor House


Brazilian born Wagner Carrilho  was removed from The X Factor 2010 house last night after growing tensions between him and his fellow contestants. According to The Sun, the problems reached a tipping point this week after Wagner survived the results show ahead of Aiden Grimshaw.

After the show the contestants took to Twitter to blast the star, with Matt Cardle and One Direction both being very vocal about Wagner’s continued presence on the show. Wagner has now been moved into a hotel to get away from his fellow contestants.

A source told The Sun: “Relations were at breaking point. Something had to be done for everyone’s wellbeing and to stop things getting out of hand.

“Aiden was the most popular person in the house. Contestants questioned why someone who can’t sing has stayed at the expense of a genuine talent.”

Contestants, led by Matt and One Direction, have been taunting and bullying the singer inside the house. The source revealed: “One Direction have been winding Wagner up for ages and he snapped.”

Last night an X Factor spokesperson confirmed: “Wagner has been moved out of the house to focus on his singing.”