The X Factor 2010: Wagner Claims Benefits While Taking Part In The X Factor

It has been revealed that X Factor finalist Wagner Carillho is reportedly claiming incapacity benefit, despite performing  energetic dance routines on the show week after week..


The former PE Teacher and Karate instructor suffered an injury to his shoulder sometime ago that left him unable to work.

X Factor sources say that he informed the Department for Work and Pensions when he landed a place on the show and they reportedly gave him the green light to perform, while still claiming benefits.

A show spokesperson told The Sun:

“We told him to talk to the benefits office.

“In terms of the show, clearly he was deemed physically fit to do the show because they all see the doctor.

“We wouldn’t put him on the show if we didn’t think he was fit enough.”

A DWP source said:

“He has kept the Jobcentre up to date about his singing. He is due to be re-assessed for his fitness.”

“People’s conditions change all the time. When new information comes to light, we re-assess their fitness for work.”

An insider who knows the touchy feely singer added:

“I was stunned to see him on The X Factor throwing shapes and gyrating with all those scantily-clad dancers.

“As far as I was aware he was on incapacity benefit because his shoulder is so knackered.”