The X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson “Candle In The Wind” Stole The Show

Rebecca Ferguson pulled at our heart strings once again with another one of her amazing X Factor performances.

 Rebecca Ferguson

Singing “Candle In The Wind “ by Elton John, Rebecca showed us yet again that she could immerge from the X Factor experience and go on to be a world renowned star. Cheryl Cole was on the money with her song choice for Rebecca this week and Rebecca delivered a performance worthy of such an iconic song.

This is what the judges had to say about her performance:

Louis Walsh : Rebecca sometimes we save the best for last and we definitely did tonight. You so made that you’re own and you are such a lovely, sophisticated Liverpool girl. You’re a brilliant role model and I so want you to have a music career.

Dannii Minogue : That was so damn classy. So hot, loved it!

Cheryl Cole : I think during this show everyone has got to know you. It’s gone beyond your amazing voice. You’re an inspiration to all the single parents, the young mothers and if you’ve got a dream you’ve just got to keep going. It’s a show like this that will give you the chance and Rebecca I’m behind you the whole way!

Simon Cowell : It doesn’t matter how old a song is, because when it’s an old song and someone like you does their own version of it, it becomes relevant again. That was absolutely stunning.

Check out Rebecca’s video below: