The X Factor 2010: John Adeleye Out In Week 3 because Of Louis Walsh

John Adeleye was voted off the X Factor last night and his departure in our view is all the fault of Louis Walsh.

 John Adeleye

On Saturday Louis chose Zoom by Fat Larry’s Band for John to sing and he sang it brilliantly. However it is not a great song even when it was first released in the 80’s. And to make matters worst the dancers on the night and the infighting between Louis and Simon during judge’s comments all combine to make John’s vocals forgettable.

John found himself up against another strong vocalist, Treyc Cohen in the bottom two. At this point he must have known his chance of survival was not good; this was reflected in his shaky performance in the sing-off where he sang Kelly Clarkson ‘Because Of You’.

Treyc on the other hand delivered a storming rendition of Aretha Frankin’s ‘One Night Only’ and fully deserved to stay in the competition.

In the judges vote,  Louis voted to save John as expected, Dannii sent home John, Cheryl of course saved Treyc and Simon Cowell cast his deciding vote in favour of Treyc.

Following the vote John told Dermot O’Leary:

“I’m going to just come away from this and go back to music. I’m going to go into a room and put some music down and I’m going to come out and tear it up. John A has left the building!”

It is always sad to see a good singer leave the stage early; we will never know what more he might have brought to the party.