The X Factor: Aiden Grimshaw James Bond Theme

It was a nervous night for Aiden Grimshaw on Saturday as he tried to put his previous week performance behind him. Singing a girls song this week – sorry I meant a James Bond Classic – Aiden showed he might have been shaken last week but certainly not stirred.

Aiden Grimshaw
Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden bounced back in true 007 style this week with a performance that impressed the judges. Singing Shirley Bassey’s ‘Diamond Are For Ever’ Aiden showed that diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, these days they are also a good friend of a few lads as well.

However, Cheryl had a question mark about his very intense performances asking the question, will the audience at home get it? I guess tonight’s result show will give us all a clue.


Simon Cowell: I am going to disagree with everything Cheryl just said. You have bounced back from where you were a week ago, this is exactly what you should be doing, this is true to you, and let me tell you, you are back in the game. Louis if you want a lesson in how to make an old song work, that’s what you do.

Dannii Minogue: You are back in the race this week, firmly feet planted. I think we got it right and you got the theme right, guilty pleasures.

Louis Walsh: You are the perfect popstar, you sing a Shirley Bassey song, you make it contemporary. You tick every single box. I think you’d be a brilliant recording artist, you’ve got style, you’ve got the whole package.

Cheryl Cole: Amazing song choice, amazing delivery. You are a very intense performer which I love but I’m not sure everyone will get it. I don’t think I could watch, on tour, 22 songs at that level of intensity.