The X Factor: Cher Lloyd Showed Why She Should Be In The X Factor Live Shows

Cher Lloyd

On Saturday night’s X Factor Live show, Cher Lloyd put in a very entertaining performance that made a statement to anyone who doubts whether or not she should still be in the competition.

On a performance level she impressed but I thought the vocals could have been better if you compare to someone like Treyc or Mary. But there is no doubt this young lady has star quality and could go a long way in this competition.

 It is clear that rapping is Cher’s strong point, but there will come a point in the weeks and months ahead when she has to sing a song simply, that I think could be her greatest test yet.  

This is what the judges had to say:

Louis: Cher you like a doll but when you sing it is very powerful. I loved the staging and that could be a number one record, I loved everything about it.

Dannii: Cher I absolutely loved that. You are so watchable, you sounded fantastic, you’re a star and you command that stage like no one else.

Simon: Any doubts anyone had on why Cheryl picked you have just been totally utterly blown away. You are a exactly what we were looking for, which is a new little star. And you should be unpredictable, that’s what pop music is all about. You are part of a new generation, loved it. Cher, For you to get up there and give that performance after all the pressure you have been under is amazing. You’re cool, you’re current you’re young and you’re exactly what this competition needs!