The X Factor: Treyc Cohen Vocals left Cheryl Cole’s Other Girls In The Shade

Treyc Cohen

Treyc Cohen from Tamworth in The West Midlands made a big statement in the girls camp on the X Factor last night by showing them that when it comes to vocals, none of them comes close to her.

Her rendition of U2 ‘One’ was one of the best performances of the night. A lot has already been said about the rest of the field over the past few weeks, but going on her performance last night, I have got to ask not why Gamu was left out of the top 3 girls but why was Treyc left out. I am not having ago at Cheryl, but for me there is still a question mark over one of her initial selections having watched all the girls performance on last night show.

Treyc’s frank admission in her VT were she said Katie and Cher didn’t like her being in the final 16 is a sign that all is not well in Cheryl’s camp. This admission is not likely to help matters between the girls. However, if Treyc continue to deliver strong vocals every night, she will do just fine for herself even through I think Cher will immerge as the X Factor success story when the competition is over.

This is what the judges had to say:

Louis: All I can say is that Cheryl did a really good thing putting you in as wild card, you deserved to be on that stage, you’re a fighter, you tried before and came back, that’s what you have to do in the music industry…this is your time.

Dannii: What a show, so many incredible performances…to start with one like that means you’re going in up there…keep that up every week…your voice is phenomenal, you can sing anything and I just want you to put your stamp on it every time.

Simon: You’re whole body language, you look vulnerable and don’t have any confidence and I’m amazed we overlooked you in the competition…by a clear mile that was the best vocal of the entire competition. Seriously, seriously good.

Cheryl: I actually feel like the luckiest judge tonight, to be able to welcome you back, that was incredible, I’m so happy to have you hear representing my category, thank you so much for delivering.