The X Factor 2010: Nicolo Festa Feeling Left Out Of All The Attention Showered on Matt Cardle

Nicolo Festa

Nicolo Festa, the X Factor finalist once dubbed a diva by the judges, has admitted that he and Aiden Grimshaw often get overlooked by X Factor fans, because they are more keen to meet fellow contestant Matt Cardle.

Chatting on ITV This Morning program, the Italian singer laughed at the implication that he might now be a celebrity. He looked at Aiden and asked:

“Do we feel famous? I don’t!”

And talking about Matt, Nicolo added:

“He’s getting all the freebies and all the attention and taxi drivers ask for his photograph while we just stand there!”

Don’t worry Nicolo, one great performance on Saturday’s show and I am sure they will be screaming your name from here to Italy.