The X Factor: Sinitta Strikes Again With a Stunning Outfit At Simon Cowell’s Judges House

Former pop star Sinitta  turned up at Simon Cowell’s judges house this year in thigh-high boots and a metallic swimsuit to shock the contestants yet again.

She revealed the singers were “terrified” at the prospect of being with Cowell for the judges’ house section.

Sinitta, who is an ex girlfriend of  Simon Cowell,  and now his right hand woman – hoped her superhero-style outfit would take the contestant’s  mind off things.

Last year, she grabbed headlines by turning up in a palm leaf dress. This year more of her is covered up – at least it’s safe for the children to have a look.

Sinitta said: “I’m just trying to lighten the mood. The contestants are terrified. Simon’s intimidating and he wonders why they’re so nervous.

“It’s because they’re in Simon Cowell’s house! So I try to break the atmosphere. Make them have a laugh and enjoy it.”