The X Factor: 20 Jobs Tobias Sumpton Sailed Through His Audition

Clothes shop manager Tobias Sumpton from Hull wowed the judges at his X Factor audition with his personality and singing ability.

Tobias Sumpton

The charismatic 20 year old described his audition as a job interview, telling presenter Dermot O’Leary:

‘I’ve had about 20 jobs and they’ve all been a bit random or boring. I’ve worked in a car wash, I’ve worked in a pub, in a shoe shop, I’ve been a dish washer, a tour guide in a museum. I’ve done so many things and I’ve never really thought that they’ve been right for me. Singing – I think I’ve finally found the job that I want to do. X Factor feels as though I’m going for a massive interview for the best job that I’ve ever had. I’ve just got to make a good impression.’

After a long question and answer session with the judges where Tobias held his own coming across as a fun and likable character, he then sang Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ in acapella.

After his performance Louis Walsh said: I think you’ve got a good rock voice but you’re going to have to start believing in yourself. Do a better interview…you’re making us nervous. You’re going to have to start taking this seriously, this is a very important audition and loads of people would love to be in your place.

Nicole Scherzinger commented: I really like your voice a lot. You have a really unexpected fire behind your voice. You’ve had a lot of jobs but hopefully the train stops here. I think there’s a reason why you’ve had so many jobs, because you’re supposed to be singing.

Simon Cowell wrapped up the judges comments by saying: I think you’ve got a good voice. My problem is you. It’s a little bit of a worry when you’re 20 years old and this is potentially your 21st job. This is not going to change my life, but it could change yours.

With all three judges giving him the yes vote, Tobias sailed through to bootcamp.