The Cake Shop Bakery came out on top in the Spitalfields Market challenge on Britain’s Best Bakery

It’s the first day of a marathon three day Grand Final on Britain’s Best Bakery and judges Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell are upping the stakes for the remaining three bakeries with the Market Challenge.

The bakeries – Angel Share Bakery, The Cake Shop Bakery and Maison Mayci Bakery – are tasked with creating a range of goods to sell to lunchtime shoppers at London’s historic Old Spitalfields Market. No one will be leaving the competition today, but the judges will be watching closely to see which of them can best turn their baking into cold hard cash.

Having made their tasty products very early in the morning, the bakers hurried to the market to catch the lunchtime trade. The winner on the day would be the bakery that took the most amount of money.

After a hard day’s work, Mich and Peter revealed the results:

Angel Share Bakery took just over £80,
The Cake Shop Bakery took just over £120,
Maison Mayci bakery took £60.

Therefore The Cake Shop Bakery was announced the winner of the Spitalfields Market challenge on the first day of the challenge.