The Taste: Eric Lanlard task the cooks to make a Savoury Chocolate spoon full food on the Channel 4 show

Eric Lanlard visited the kitchen on The Taste in today’s episode to challenge the reminding cooks to produce a spoonful of food using chocolate but to create a savoury flavour.

The Master Chocolatier who has cooked for the Queen’s Mother and Madonna and many other celebrities, told the cooks:

“Chocolate has always been my passion since I was a child. I have always been fascinated by how many flavours and textures are involved in that little dark ingredient. But chocolate is not all about sweet dishes. Your challenge is to make a savoury dish with chocolate. I want to see creativity, I want to get some excitement, but most important, I want to taste your chocolate of choice in your dish.”

The cooks were given one hour by the Master Chocolatier to come up with their creation whereupon he will judge each one.