The X Factor 2010 Live Performances Available For Download

Simon CowellSimon Cowell is reportedly planning to release tracks of the 2010 live X Factor performances each week.

 According to the Daily Star, Simon Cowell wants each contestant’s performance to be available for immediate download after seeing the success and chart domination of Glee this year.

A source said: “Simon is determined to make this year’s show the biggest and the best yet. And he knows the best way to do that is by making each week’s live performances available for fans to download.”

This could result in The X Factor having the number one spot every week for more than three months, and even occupying every spot in the top ten leading up to Christmas.

Although the idea is new to UK Talent shows, similar shows in Germany and the United States already make tracks performed by the contestants available to download, with little  impact on the charts.