Junior Bake Off 2013: James Martin’s Kavern, Missy, James and Lilly-Grace to a real test

It is day tenth and the final day of the heats in Junior Bake-off 2013. Today Kavern, Missy, James and Lilly-Grace are the four new young bakers who made their way to the bake-off tent.

Mary Berry and James Martin will keep a watchful eye on the young bakers baking skills and will set them two tasks to test their baking skills.

The technical challenge for the bakers today is one of James Martin’s recipes: 6 crumpets with strawberry compote.

This is the first time that Kavern 9, from London, Missy 12, from Birmingham, James 11, from Coventry and Lilly-Grace 12, from Middlesex will have baked one of James’s recipes.

The showstopper challenge is one that tests the creativity of the four bakers. Today the young bakers had to bake a creepy crawly bugs themed biscuits.

The bakers were allowed to choose the size and shape of their biscuits, but the biscuits must keep their shape, have fantastic flavours and great decorations.

For her showstopper challenge, Lilly Grace made her Granny’s Garden biscuits with lemon and coco. James made his biscuit theme on grass with three types of biscuits representing three different insects. Missy made her lemon shortbread flowers biscuits and Kevern made his coconut and nutmeg bug biscuits showcasing 6 different bugs.

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The young bakers gave it all their best efforts but in the end there could be only one baker that would go onto compete again in the semi-finals and that young baker chosen by Mary and James was Kevern.