Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Third place goes to Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan strictly come dancing finalJason Donovan finished Strictly Come Dancing 2011 in third place behind Chelsee Healey and Harry Judd.

The West End star was put on top by the judges earlier in the evening, scoring an impressive 78 out of 80 points, but it was down to the public alone to decide the winner.

“This has been the most incredible experience, other than my children and my wife, in my life,” Jason told hosts Bruce and Tess after his exit.

“I want to thank the public for voting for us, we’ve come so far! I want to thank my family, I might get emotional here because they have been here through all of the ups and the downs.

“To [my professional partner] Kristina who has been so patient and remained focused and has one of the most incredible talents and visions, I will never forget this journey!”