Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Results: Edwina Currie First Celeb voted off

strictlycomedancing edwina currieTonight, viewers cast their vote for the first time in this series, and it resulted in Edwina Currie and her professional partner Vincent Simone becoming the first couple to leave the dance floor and head for home.

The fourteen couples each danced either a Salsa or a Foxtrot routine in a bid to impress the viewers and judges Len Goodman, Alesha Dixon, Bruno Tonioli & Craig Revel Horwood.

The judges’ scores were combined with their scores from last week, and then these overall scores were amalgamated with the results of the viewers’ votes. Once the viewers votes were taken into consideration, the two couples in the bottom two were: Audley Harrison & Natalie Lowe, and Edwina Currie & Vincent Simone.

It was then announced that Edwina & Vincent would become the first couple to leave the show.

Edwina & Vincent scored a total of 36 points on the judges’ leader board, 17 from their dance last week and 19 from their dance this week. They had danced a Foxtrot with the setting of a romantic Italian café, in Saturday’s show.


Len (awarded 5 points): “Well, Edwina – don’t worry, I realise that’s the first time you’ve ever danced the Foxtrot. I can assure you of that. Honestly, make the most of that meal as that could be the last supper! I can only say what I see. Too much messing about on the table over there – pointing your foot. I wanted more content of the Foxtrot, and unfortunately I didn’t get it.”

Alesha (awarded 5 points): “Getting into character is brilliant Edwina – that’s exactly what I want to see from you. Len is right, it was a bit too long getting into the dance, but when you were actually dancing it looked really nice. So you should be proud, but yes – next time it would be great to see you dancing for a little bit longer.”

Bruno (who awarded 5 points ): “Naughty Edwina spending all the time playing footsie under the table! You forgot about the Foxtrot! That’s what happened. The Foxtrot has to have a smooth flow, and the little of what there was was a little like watching a bendy bus negotiating a tight roundabout. You could never quite get into it. It’s true – you have to put a little more dancing into a dance show!”

Craig ( who awarded 5 points): “Well when you finally got into the foxtrot proper, you were very hunch-of-shoulder I’m afraid. Your balance was occasionally questionable, when you do a développé- if you’re brave enough to put that leg in the air darling – make sure you are pointing the foot, at least. And for me, absolutely not enough fox.”

On hearing the news Edwina said: “Well I feel sorry for Vincent, because he has worked very hard. He’s been a terrific teacher, he really, really has. Anything that we did wrong is entirely my fault. But whoever dances with Vincent is a very, very lucky woman. It has been fabulous – absolutely fabulous. I mean we have had several weeks of it because we started off with the launch programme as well. During which I think I’ve lost about half a stone and a dress size!”