The X Factor USA Audition: Josh Krajcik had something of Susan Boyle about him

There was something very Susan Boyleish about Josh Krajcik on The X Factor USA. May be it was his scruffy appearance, or the fact that he was eating before his audition – just like Susan did at her audition, or may be it was the entire package.

In other words the producers did their home work and portrayed him in the same light as Susan Boyle. Whatever the reason there is no doubting Josh Krajcik talent.

Performance Summary

Age : 30.
Auditioned In : .
Song Title : At Last .
Recorded By : Etta James.
Available From : Amazon.

The 30 year old hopeful turned out to be quite the crooner and wowed the judges with his rendition of Etta James’ At Last. Check out the video below: