Matt Flint is the Bookies Favourite to win So You Think You Can Dance 2011

Matt Flint

Matt Flint has become the bookie’s favourite to win So You Think You Can Dance this year; Paddy Power has named him the 2/5 frontrunner. Katie Love comes in second favourite at 4/1.  Both Kirsty and Luke however are outsides in the running, both trailing at 8/1 in the odds.

29-year-old tap dancer Matt Flint from Scarborough will complete against Katie Love, Kirsty Swain and Luke Jackson in the final of So You Think You Can Dance on BBC 1 this Saturday.

This weekend will be the contestants’ final chance to win your votes with a number of routines as they compete for a £50,000 prize and a trip to Hollywood where they’ll perform on the finale of the US show!

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s final, Matt said: “I said to myself at the start getting to the final was the aim. I know now I’ll have danced every dance. But now I’m here, to win would put all the hard work, not just in the competition but from the last ten years, all that working and slogging, would become worthwhile.”

Meanwhile asked what she’d do with the prize money if she wins, Katie explained: “I think I would like to use the money properly. I’d like to invest it in a production. I do want to do something with it and not throw it away. But the first thing to do would be to buy an extravagant breakfast on Sunday morning.”

Kirsty revealed: “It’s a huge prize! Dancing in Hollywood in growing on me. Initially that scared the hell out of me, it was so huge. But now, I’m thinking that just sounds so exciting. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of dancing in Hollywood. And the money, well anyone my age would love a bit of money, wouldn’t they? I think I’ve spent it ten times over already!”