The Apprentice 2011 Results: Lord Sugar Surprise Double Sacking Vincent and Ellie Axed

Vincent DisneurVincent Disneur and Ellie Reed were both given the axe on The Apprentice tonight  after Lord Sugar revealed a surprise double firing to the candidates.

The pair found themselves in the boardroom after failing to impress in the pet food advertising task. Lord Sugar challenged the teams to create, brand and pitch an advertising campaign for a new dog food product to top ad agencies.

Team Logic was led by Vincent and he came up with the brand Everydog in a bid to reach as many consumers as possible, but the idea was torn to pieces by the ad execs. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar told the losing group: “The name ‘Everydog’ and the theme of one food for all dogs is the killer here and you need to go away and talk amongst yourselves and find out who is responsible for driving that through.

“You’re insinuating that that food is good for any dog, but it doesn’t work like that and it might be insulting to the actual pet owner.”

Ellie reedProject Manager Vincent bought Ellie and Natasha Scribbins into the boardroom to face the firing line, with Ellie quickly being dispatched by Lord Sugar. “You’re quick to pip up in the boardroom but when you’re on the task you’re too quiet. I can’t see myself going into business with you,” he told her.

However in a surprise twist, Lord Sugar told Vincent: “I’ve got the feeling that you are too in awe of other people and that you are playing a bit of a risky game in strategising by bringing the wrong people in here. I think a message needs to go back that, Vincent – you’re also fired.”

Speaking after his exit, Vincent said: “I’m very surprised that Lord Sugar fired me. If I’d brought Jim in there, I wouldn’t be in this position now.”