UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Stephanie and Gian Luca Voted Off


Stephanie and Gian Luca have become the  latest dancers to be eliminated from the BBC So You Think You Can Dance competition.

The pair were axed by the judging panel in tonight’s third live show after coming amongst the lowest placed dancers after the public vote.

Stephanie and Gian Luca found themselves in the bottom four for a second time in two weeks. Joining them tonight for the dance-off were Richey and Shane.
In making the decision, Nigel Lythgoe told the group: “We didn’t feel as though 3 of you danced for your lives tonight. We didn’t feel as though you were strong enough. This is not just about surviving the vote, it’s about winning.”

Turning his attention to the two girls, Stephanie and Richey, Nigel said: “Let me tell you now girls we were split two/two between you. Production at the end of the day have made a decision. We don’t think either of you brought enough.

“Steph, you didn’t connect with the audience last week or this week… it’s you leaving tonight.”

Next it was the turn for the guys. Nigel commented: “This was a unanimous decision, I’ve got to stay we don’t believe that either of you guys deserve to be in the bottom two this week but the public have voted.”

“Gian Luca,” Nigel continued, “For some reason you didn’t connect with the public. I don’t know why but you haven’t for two weeks.

“Shane, I’m probably going to give everything anyway when I say you were the only one of the bottom four who come out with fire in your belly and because of that you’re staying.”

The decision meant it was the end of the road for Gian Luca and Stephanie. Chatting to host Cat Deeley about their times, Gian Luca said: “I really, really liked the experience and it’s been amazing for me. I’m quite happy and proud with myself.”