UK So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Ryan Jenkins and Paige Smith Voted Off

In the first elimination of this year’s series of So You think You Can Dance, the axe fell on Ryhan Jenkins and Paige Smith.

Paige and Ryan

As the tension mounts in the studio, Cat Deeley revealed that Stephanie & Ryan and Paige & Gian Luca had the least number of public votes and were in the ‘danger zone’, having to dance for their lives to stay in the competition.

The four dancers then gave their all in a 30 second solo and the judges then decided which girl and wich guy should stay and who should go. After they delivered their routines, Nigel said to the four dancers:

“It’s so tough. I have to say, first night of the competition and it’s so sad that people have to go home straight away and not have time to grow. That’s the way it works I’m afraid.

“Gian Luca… It’s very difficult to judge you this evening as you were let down obviously very badly by your partner. However, when we look at you we know that you have got great technique, and we will be judging you on things that have occurred in the past, and what we know of your dancing.”

Nigel continued, “Ryan it’s quite interesting, that you said in one of the video packages there “what have I got to do to impress Nigel?”. It isn’t – or wasn’t – about impressing me, it’s about impressing the country. Obviously you didn’t do that as you’re in the bottom two couples tonight. Ryan – a good dancer will make a routine great. It wasn’t memorable.”

To the girls, Nigel’s comments were, “Paige, what can I say darling, you are such a fun fireball of talent. Tonight it all just went away – again we have to judge you I think on things we’ve seen in the past, rather than just tonight.

“Stephanie – you served it up tonight, you showed us how a sexy Latin routine should look. You were very beautiful in doing that. But your first routine was not memorable.

“We are unanimous with our decision Cat this evening, and the people going home tonight – Paige and Ryan would you step forward please – I’m so sorry you will be leaving us this evening.”

Reflecting back on the results of tonight’s show, a teary Paige stated “I’ve enjoyed every moment – the highs and the lows. Loved all the choreographers, I’ve learnt so much. I’m a young dancer, now I am just going to grow”.

And for Ryan, “It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve learnt so much working with the top choreographers. I’m hoping to take these experiences through to my choreography career. I’ve made so many friends in this competition. I wish everyone the best of luck and I’ll be watching and supporting from home!”