Got To Dance Series 2 Auditions Episode 6 Week 3

The search continued this week for the nation’s best dance act as Davina McCall and the Judges, Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt travel to Dublin, Glasgow and London looking for an act who could win the £250,000 prize fund.

Once again this week we saw a lot of street dance styles but in our view the strongest performances came from two contemporary dance acts, Luke Mann and Alleviate. We believe that these two acts could go very far in this year’s competition because they are quite memorable.

These are all the acts that caught our eye in this episode:


13 year old Luke Mann from Nottinghamshire started dancing when he was 2 years old and trains for 16 hours a week. Luke has a variety of dance styles including contemporary, Tap and Ballet.

However, Luke admits that: “at school people call me names because of my dancing and everybody said to me, they’re just jealous but it’s really hard to know it.”…Read More.

Kayzar Reloaded are a street dance group of 8-30 year olds from a dance school in Essex. The group was named after the brother of the group choreographer who was born in north Africa and came to the UK 12 years ago. His younger brother ended up in prison and he felt dance saved him from the same faith. As a result, he decided he wanted to do something positive with his brother’s name, so he created a dance and called it Kayzar…Read More..


B-Boy Silk, a 21 year old break dancer from Hampshire, auditioned for Got To Dance last year but had an asthma attack on stage and failed to make it pass the audition stage.

This year B-Boy Silk has been training hard and has returned to prove he can dance without his asthma. In his VT he said if he could get at least one gold star from Kimberley he would be happy… Read More.


Nicolette and Renako met at dance school three years ago. Nicolette comes from a small village in Wales and Renako comes from South London and together they perform as contemporary dance duo Alleviate.

Although the duo are from different backgrounds they have an appreciation for the same style of dance but they insist that they are no more than dance partners – “We obviously are very good friends however there has never been any romance between us.”… Read More.

Bam Bam Boogies are an old school funk and hip hop group of 12 street dancers age 13-17 year olds from Chelmsford in Essex.

The group spend 3 hours every Saturday going through their intense routines at rehearsals. Although the groups consist of boys and girls they insist that there are no relationships as yet in the group as they are very focused on their dancing …Read More.

Other acts that made the judges short list in this episode included:

Eastern Roses

A very colourful Belly dancing group from Essex age 23 – 39. The judges summed up their style as simple but effective. They made the shortlist with 2 Gold stars.


These young tinny dancers age between 4-9 year olds from Blackpool have not been dancing together for a long time, but they were dying to impress Ashley Banjo so they are delighted when after their routine, Ashley gets up on stage with them to prove just how small they are and how tall he is.

They made the judges shortlist with 3 gold stars.