The X Factor Results Week 7: Paige Richardson Voted Off The X Factor

Paije Richardson

Paije Richardson has become the latest X Factor contestant to be sent home in yet another surprising bottom two line up. Paije found himself in the bottom two alongside Cher Lloyd after last night’s performances of The Beatles tracks.

In the sing off, Cher performed ‘Stay’ by Shakespears Sisters which she previously sung in Week 4. Meanwhile Paije, opted for ‘Stop’ by Jamelia. This was the first time both acts have ended up in the bottom two which came as a major surprise to them both. 

After their performances, Simon was asked to vote first. He took a short pause and then said: “I’m going to go with the person I continually supported and – by the way – neither of you should’ve been in the bottom two, but the person I’m going to send home is Paije”

The crowd, who were chanting “We Want Paijee” reacted to Simon’s decision with boos.

Cheryl then voted, repeating Simon’s comments about how neither of the pair should’ve been in the bottom two. She said: “This is absolutely the worst part, I absolutely hate this part but I’m going to send home Paije.”

Dannii said: “I know it’s probably silly to repeat again, but this is outrageous! You’ve both given such fantastic performances but I will always support my own act. Paije, you did the most unbelievable performance this week and you deserve this, so I’m going to have to send home Cher.”

Louis Walsh was last to vote: “It’s so, so difficult because both acts were so good in the sing off,” said Louis who had the deciding vote, “I’ve always supported Paije since Day one, but in the sing-off Cher was incredible. I’m finding it hard to pick between them, both are brilliant!”

After being pushed by Dermot for a decision, Louis took a long  pause then revealed his decision, saying: “Ok, Dermot, the person I’m sending home is… Paije.”

On hearing the news Paije told Dermot:

Obviously I don’t have the support of the public, I’m grateful to them for keeping me this long and thank you!