George Perry Italian tiramisu recipe on Mel and Sue

15-year-old George Perry make a delicious tiramisu Italian dessert on Mel and Sue.

The ingredients are:

For the sponge cake: 5 eggs, 150g sugar, 2tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla pod, 120ml milk, 120ml olive oil, 240g flour, 2tsp baking powder and 1⁄2tsp salt.

For the filling: 350ml double cream, 150g powdered sugar, 1tbsp vanilla extract or vanilla pod, 5 egg yolks, 50g granulated sugar, 230g mascarpone cheese (make sure it is room temperature)

For the coffee assembly: 450ml espresso or strong coffee, 2tsp rum extract, 4tbsp cocoa powder and 4tbsp instant coffee granules.