Phil Vickery ultimate chocolate cake recipe with glazed almonds, amaretto and raspberry jam on This Morning

Phil Vickery makes a delicious ultimate glazed chocolate cake with almonds, bitter chocolate, amaretto, and a sweet filling of milk chocolate and raspberry jam on This Morning for National Chocolate Week.

The ingredients for the cake: 5 medium egg yolks at room temperature, 150g castor sugar, 2 tbsp amaretto, 100g plain flour, 100g ground almonds, 100g 70% bitter chocolate, chilled well and then roughly grated, 25g good quality cocoa powder, 2 tbsp castor sugar, 5 egg whites from the yolks above and 1 disc of cooked shortbread or sweet pastry, the same size as the sponge tin.

For the filling: 3 tbsp raspberry jelly or seedless raspberry jam, 125g bitter chocolate, 125g milk chocolate, 3 tbsp liquid glucose, 300mls whipping cream, 275mls lightly whipped double cream and 2 tsp vanilla extract.

For the glaze: 85g good quality cocoa powder, 85g castor sugar, 275mls cold water, 25g unsalted butter and 2½ leaves of gelatine, soaked in cold water.