The X Factor 2010: It Was Mission Impossible For Wagner on The X Factor Last Night

On Last night’s X Factor millions tuned in to see Wagner give the performance of his life, but sadly it can only be summed up in on word, Bonkers! At least that is what Simon Cowell thought of it.

In a way that might be a bit harsh, he gave it all he could but I guess the song got the better of him. He sang, or should I say attempted to sing Rickie Martin’s ‘She Bangs’ with a bit of the B52’s ‘Love Shack’ mixed in, but it just did not work for him. However, it was nonetheless quite entertaining in a funny sort of way.

This is what the judges had to say:

Louis: Wagner, at least you were not predictable. Tomorrow everyone will be talking about Wagner. You’re definitely fun we took a chance.

Dannii: I am having to compose myself, just when you think it can’t get any crazier…a medley with a bongo thing in the middle, yeah! It was entertaining but I’m trying to keep my head together as we’re looking for the next recording star…it was fun but very karaoke.

Cheryl: It was undoubtedly very funny…you’re very earthy and nice…I like you Wagner.

Simon: This show tonight feels like you made a milkshake out of an onion, sausages, and strawberries and lemons and mixed it together…the most bonkers performance I have ever seen in my life but you know what embrace the madness.