Gino salmon with sliced steak with tomato and mozzarella salsa recipe on Let’s Do Lunch

Gino cooks sliced sirloin steak with Italian roast potatoes and tomato and mozzarella salsa on Let’s Do Lunch.

The ingredients for the steak: 2 x 150g sirloin steak, 2 tbsp olive oil, Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

For the Italian-style roast potatoes: 12 cooked new potatoes, cut in half, 6 tbsp olive oil, 4 garlic cloves, lightly crushed, skin on, A few sprigs of fresh rosemary, Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

For the steak topping: 100g mixed cherry tomatoes, 1 ball of mozzarella, 3 tbsp olive oil, A handful of basil, The zest of a lemon and Salt and pepper.

A little balsamic glaze.

To prepare the dish, preheat the oven to 200C.

For the Italian-style roast potatoes, place all of the ingredients into a small roasting tin and roast in the oven, shaking from time to time to ensure even cooking, for 15 minutes, or until golden-brown.

For the steak, rub the steak with olive oil, heat a griddle pan until smoking hot and griddle the steak for two minutes on each side. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper, remove from the heat and leave to rest for five minutes. Slice thinly.

Place the tomatoes and mozzarella in a bowl and stir in the basil, parsley, olive oil and lemon zest. Season with salt and pepper.

Scatter the tomato mix over the warm slices of steak then drizzle with balsamic glaze and serve with roasted new potatoes.