James Martin chilli tuna steak with asparagus and pork with mashed potatoes on Saturday Kitchen for Michelle Collins

Actress Michelle Collins face her food heaven or food hell on Saturday Kitchen Live with James martin.

Michelle says her food heaven is anything to do with tuna, so on offer is a chilli and lemongrass glazed tuna steak with asparagus salad to be served up by James Martin.

James says: “This sticky glaze is easy to make and turns a quickly griddled tuna steak into a zingy meal for two. Try it with asparagus and root veg salad.”

Michelle’s food hell is lemon and sage stuffed loin of pork with wilted spring greens and mashed potatoes.

James says: “Tender, slow-roasted pork loin stuffed with sage, suet, breadcrumbs and lemon zest makes a hearty meal for four.”