Seabass with griddled asparagus and Courgette flowers with poached egg by James Martin on Saturday Kitchen

Gary Kemp faced food heaven or food hell on today’s Saturday Kitchen live (after falling off his chair). The food on offer that are voted for by the public and guest chefs Theo Randall and Jack Stein that will be cooked by James Martin are:

Seabass with griddled asparagus and confit lemon hollandaise sauce – food heaven.

James Martin says: “Confit lemon adds a fresh, sweet note to James Martin’s hollandaise sauce – perfect to finish this simple fish dinner.”

Courgette rosti with poached egg, beurre blanc and deep fried courgette flowers – food hell.

James Martin says: “A veggie main course for special occasions. The eggs can be poached in advance and reheated in boiling water just before serving.”