Jeremy Pang Ancient Crab Curry recipe on Sunday Brunch

Jeremy Pang served up a tasty ancient crab curry on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients are: 200g – 300g Freshly picked white crab meat, 1 x Crab head shell (from the dressed crab), 2 x Lemongrass sticks, 6 x Fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves and 100 ml coconut milk or cream.

For the Paste: 6 x Thai shallots, 3 Cloves garlic, 1 Thumb sized piece of galangal or ginger for swapsies, 1 Thai red Birdseye chilli, 1 Bashed and finely chopped stick of fresh turmeric or 1.5 tsp ground turmeric and 1 Tbsp ready fried thai shallots (optional).

For the Stock: 200ml fresh vegetable stock (a bag of veggie stock is best if not homemade) and 300ml fresh coconut water.

For the Seasoning: 1-2 tbsp Fish sauce and 1-2 tsp Palm sugar.

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