Jose Pizarro Iberian Pork Burger with Allioli recipe on Sunday Brunch

Jose Pizarro served up tasty Iberian Pork Burger with allioli on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients for the burger patty are: 400gr Minced Iberian pork meat, 0,8gm Salt, 10gm Mustard, 0,3gm Ground black pepper, 10gm Lilliput capers, 2 small Spring onion, finely chopped, 1,5gm Pimenton de la Vera, 10gm Gherkin, finely chopped and 12x Mini Burger buns.

For the Allioli: 10gm Garlic, 100gm Olive oil, 200gm Sunflower oil, 10gm Salt, 1 Large Egg and 15gm Lemon Juice.

For each burger: 100gm Spanish onion, 2 slices Jamon Iberic and 15gm Grated Manchego.

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