Jimmy Doherty builds a homemade Smoke House from Whisky Barrels to smoke a variety of foods

Jimmy Doherty show how to build a homemade smoke house from whisky barrels on today’s Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

Jimmy says: “I am making my smoke house using large barrels but you could use anything you like from a small cupboard to an old filing cabinet.”

Jimmy makes his smoke generator from nothing more than a takeaway tin. He makes a few holes in the lit then fills the tin with wood chips before sealing and placing it on a barbecue stove with hot coals.

He puts his takeaway tin and stove in a barrel where they produce enough smoke to flavour food in another stacked barrel connected to a hose that supplies enough smoke to smoke a variety of foods.

Jimmy says “The smoke will not cook or alter the food, it will just infuse it with loads of flavour.”