Pork Pasta Rotolo by Stephen Terry and Salt beef with a fried egg by James Mackenzie on Saturday Kitchen

Stephen Terry makes a pasta rotolo with creamed endive and James Mackenzie makes a salt beef with a fried egg, gooseberry ketchup and pickled onion rings dish on today’s Saturday Kitchen Live with James Martin.

Pork Pasta Rotalo

Stephen says about his dish: “This is a fiddly dish of homemade pasta wrapped into a Swiss roll shape, stuffed with pork and fennel, but it’s well worth the effort once you try it with creamy chicory on the side.”

James says about his dish: “Prepare these tasty salt beef and potato cakes in advance and keep uncooked in the fridge, along with the fancy ketchup. Then the meal comes together in the time it takes you to deep-fry the pickled onion rings.”

Salt beef with a fried egg
Salt Beef with a Fried Egg